Hosting Raja
Mani Dhanasekhar

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Business: Hosting Raja
Founded: 2005 in Bangalore
GoDaddy helped us: Strengthen our relationship with existing customers and acquire new customers.
Results: 250 percent increase in revenues year on year; 40 percent of new customers.

Product snapshot

GoDaddy Partner Program: A wide range of products, along with GoDaddy’s expert 24/7 support, allowed Hosting Raja to attract and keep new customers.

Domain king

Raja in English means King, and true to its name, Hosting Raja has been the king of its domain. Established in 2005 as a web development company, Hosting Raja is now a leader in the web hosting and domain name industry and is one of the fastest growing companies in its niche in India. It has an enviable client portfolio of 1700+ including companies like Urban Ladder, Raymond, SEO Adda and partnerships with more than 300 outsourcing companies globally.

This leadership has been attained through deliberate hard work. From building a customer-first culture, to picking the right team, to aligning with the right partners, each of these decisions has contributed in equal measure to its success.

"We are passionate about helping our clients expand their business via the services we offer. Our business partners play a key role in helping us achieve our goals. Our partnership with GoDaddy helps us deliver our best to our customers," says Mr. Mani. "In fact, co-marketing initiatives, both driven and supported by GoDaddy have been the lever for our whopping 250 percent growth in revenues year on year," says Mr. Mani Dhanasekhar, Founder and CEO.

A like-minded partner

Mr. Mani signed up for the GoDaddy Partner Program in March 2014, encouraged by the program's wide range of products and award-winning 24/7 customer service. But it was GoDaddy's reputation as the world's largest domain registrar built on the back of customer service that was the clincher.

"Web hosting is a very competitive business. The only way to succeed in the long run is to create a distinctive identity by providing better customer service." Solid numbers back the efficacy of this strategy. Hosting Raja acquires nearly 40 percent of new customers via referral, a "most reliable medium." confirms Mr. Mani.

Treasure trove

GoDaddy's Partner Platform is as simple to set up as 1-2-3 and is one of the best available in the industry, remarks Mr. Mani. "The GoDaddy APIs make it easier to buy and sell domains and associated products. They also helped us tremendously to focus on renewal rates."

As a GoDaddy Partner; Hosting Raja is able to offer a suite of products to its customers at a competitive price, all backed by GoDaddy's world-class customer support that helps the company build repeat business.

Besides the products and solutions that GoDaddy offers, Mr. Mani also calls out the advice and co-marketing support he receives. By working with GoDaddy's team, he has set up a new business line altogether - a Dedicated Server for hosting. GoDaddy's co-marketing campaigns and advice has also propelled customer conversion and acquisition.

"GoDaddy's vast experience in marketing and support has helped us accelerate our engagement with SMBs to capture new customers. We have specifically witnessed high impact with activities where we connect and engage with customers in person," qualifies Mr. Mani. "Through detailed discussions on various marketing possibilities with GoDaddy, we have selected a few initiatives to acquire more customers."

A long-term reign

With a legacy of 10 successful years behind it, Hosting Raja is looking forward to the next decade of leadership and growth. Their confidence stems from the solid partnerships they have forged and nurtured, especially with GoDaddy.

"Our relationship with GoDaddy helps to strengthen our position as the number one hosting company in India for customer support. We have walked the extra mile to ensure that our relationship grows day by day," Mr. Mani signs off.

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