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Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy Aide

Test Outlook for connectivity issues

If you're having problems opening Outlook, and are using your GoDaddy Microsoft 365 account, you might have a connection issue.

Microsoft has a test that confirms the connection between your Microsoft 365 account, Autodiscover, and the setup process. If this test passes, the issue is most likely an issue with your connection or device. If the test fails, it could indicate a problem on our end.

  1. Go to Microsoft Connectivity Test.
  2. In the Exchange Server section, select Outlook Connectivity
  3. Click Next.
  4. Complete the following on-screen fields:
    Email address Enter your Microsoft 365 email address.
    Domain\User Name (or UPN)
    Password Enter your Microsoft 365 password.
    Confirm password
  5. Select Outlook Autodiscover.
  6. Select that you understand and agree to the user agreement.
  7. In the Verification field, enter the displayed captcha, and then click Verify.
  8. Click Perform Test.

Possible test responses

Common test responses include:

  • Success: Connectivity Test Successful
  • Success: Connectivity Test Successful with Warnings
  • Failure: Connectivity Test Failed

Common issues that cause test failures include:

After resolving these potential issues, try the test again.

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