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Set up my forwarding email address

Email forwarding credits are no longer included with a domain purchase. You can redeem existing credits to create forwarding email addresses. This lets you forward your emails to another email account.

If you have an existing email address that you want to use as a forwarding email address, you'll need to delete that address and follow the steps for forwarding copies of incoming email.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll to the Additional Products section and select Redeem next to Email Forwarding.
    select redeem
  3. Choose the domain associated with your email forwarding account and select Redeem Credit. (You can change the domain you want to use for email forwarding in Step 7.)
    select redeem
  4. Go to the Workspace Email section and select Manage All.
    manage all
  5. In the Workspace Control Center, select Create.
    select create
  6. At the top right, select Forwarding.
    select forwarding
  7. Complete the following fields:
    Field What to do...
    Forward this email address: Enter the email address you want to create. After you type @, you'll be able to select any domain in your account.
    To these email addresses: Enter the email address you want to receive the forwarded email. You can enter multiple addresses, but they must collectively fit the 250 character limit for this field.
    Plan Select the forwarding plan you want to use.
    Catch-all Select this option if you want this address to receive email sent to addresses at your domain name that do not exist.
    Enable auto reply Select this option, and fill out the additional fields, if you want to send an automatic reply to everyone who sends email to this address.
  8. Select Create.
    select create

It can take a few minutes to display your new forwarding email address. You may need to refresh the page to see it.

If Workspace Email can't create a forwarding email account, confirm your MX records match your domain. If your MX records do match your domain then copy and add an MX record to your domain or edit an existing MX record.

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